Imagine yourself an artist seeking the help of investors to facilitate 
the production of a prepackaged combination spice to distribute in The 
United States, or at least your hometown, where it would be readily 
available to you in a grocery store within reasonable proximity to your 
home and/or workplace. You find yourself serious in this pursuit, 
perhaps beyond reason, because you believe in the product. You love to 
cook and use the combination of these spices often, yet when cooking in 
a pinch find it labor intensive (and perhaps unsanitary) to open four 
separate containers to mix the spices. Often in the kitchen, as in 
life, there's just no time for thoughtful prepping.

As you see it, you would be the best person to make this product, to 
design it, help promote it, etc... as you know it, you love it, and 
believe others will love it as well. You have faith in your palette. 
You take great pleasure in serving a loved one a meal you're excited 
about. Equally exciting is seeing the joy on a stranger's face as a 
meal you've put your heart into is enjoyed.

Imagine yourself promoting this product in a gallery setting. Though 
complex and perhaps unreasonable, you're confident that the spice 
itself will transcend the seemingly impenetrable meaning/value of the 
context. Your presentation shows your commitment. You've set up a 
meeting area to help facilitate negotiations. You hang a 6' square 
painting in the meeting area to add a sense of environment to the 
space. In total you have four 6' square paintings to choose from for 
the meeting area and begin to worry that your choice is not correct, 
that perhaps another painting would be perfect to help stimulate the 

If you had to choose between one of the following four paintings for 
this activity, which painting would you choose?





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